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Abha Bakaya Marriage

Abha Bakaya is the perfect example of beauty with brains. She is one of the rare anchors on TV who are comfortable talking about the stock market and business matters and interviewing legendary investors while simultaneously handling shows on fashion.


Abha Bakaya obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Media & Communications from the University of New South Wales, Sydney. Thereafter, she did a course in creative screen writing from the Columbia University in the City of New York.


Abha Bakaya has had an illustrious career so far.

She started in 2002 as a journalist with Business Today magazine where she wrote articles on CEO management mantras, corporate strategy, and young achievers.

After a year, Abha Bakaya joined CNBC TV18 as a Producer.

In 2004, Abha Bakaya was invited to join NDTV PROFIT as a Senior Correspondent. She served in NDTV Profit for three years and anchored several popular shows such as ‘Boss’s Day Out’.

In 2007, Abha Bakaya was promoted to the post of Associate Producer in NDTV GOOD TIMES. Here also, she distinguished herself by conceptualizing the flagship show called ‘Gadget Guru’.

‘Gadget Guru’ is a very popular show with a very large viewership.

ET NOW recognized Abha Bakaya’s talents and offered her the job of Anchor – Primetime.

She served ET Now for two years from 2008 to 2010 and anchored several popular evening primetime and morning stock market shows.

Bloomberg TV India invited Abha Bakaya to come on board in March 2010. She was given the post of Sr Anchor & Editor – New Economy.

Abha Bakaya took Bloomberg TV India to new heights of popularity. She not only conducted programmes on the stock markets and investments, but she was also anchored lifestyle shows like ‘Aspire’ which were focused on luxury, travel and technology.

In November 2016, after a long stint of 6 years and 9 months, Abha Bakaya quit Bloomberg and set up her own practice as an independent broadcasting professional.

Abha Bakaya, Naomi Datta, Meghna Pant
(Abha Bakaya with accomplished ladies Naomi Datta, Meghna Pant and another)

Famous interviews

Abha Bakaya has a special charm when dealing with the important guests who grace her programmes.

Her pleasant smile and gentle demeanour puts the interviewee at ease and he or she answers questions with a lot of candour.

Latest interview with Ramesh Damani

Abha’s latest interview is the one with Ramesh Damani, the stock market legend.

She asked him several questions about his personal life and early days which he answered with grace. She also asked pertinent questions about his success in the stock market and how he is able to find so many multibagger stocks for his portfolio.

Ramesh Damani revealed secrets of how to find multi-baggers. He also explained important concepts of value investing and the power of compounding wealth.

Interview of Andrew Holland

Abha Bakaya has conducted a similar illuminating interview with Andrew Holland, the renowned stock market expert.

Andrew Holland was earlier with Ambit Capital. He is now the CEO of Avendus Capital Alternate Strategies.

On Bakaya’s prompting, Andrew Holland revealed secrets about how to manage risk (Risk Management) how to find multibagger penny stocks.

Marriage & Divorce

Abha Bakaya married Siddharth Saraf on 06.03.2006 according to Hindu rites and ceremonies.

At that time, she used to work for the Economic Times and wrote articles under the byline Abha Bakaya Saraf.

Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding between the lovely couple and they began living separately since 28.02.2009. It is believed that the misunderstanding was caused due to differences in temperament and attitude.

The couple filed for divorce by mutual consent in December 2009 and the same was granted by the Court in April 2011.

The couple have no children.

Salary, Net Worth

Bloomberg is known to pay handsome salaries to its staff. The salary is commensurate with what the counterparts of the staff in India of Bloomberg receive in the UK and the USA.

Abha Bakaya, because of special charm and interviewing skills, would have received more salary than that of her counterparts in Bloomberg. It is reasonable to estimate her salary as being between Rs. 50 lakhs to Rs. 75 lakhs per annum.


After a careful study of her linkedin profile and other resources in the public domain, we can estimate Abha Bakaya’s age as being close to 30 years. Of course, she looks much younger than her age thanks to her strict adherence to exercise, healthy eating and spiritual thinking.


Abha Bakaya is known to be a staunch feminist. She strongly believes that women are equal in all respects to men and that they should receive equal treatment in matters of salary and emoluments.

She has written a strong article in which she has argued that “Feminism is about having a choice”. She has also pointed that women are themselves the “biggest restriction to women’s rights”.

Abha Bakaya Salary
(Abha Bakaya looking slim and trim due to rigorous exercise & healthy eating)

Hobbies, exercise, daily schedule

Abha Bakaya maintains a punishing schedule at work. Her early morning shows go live at 8.00 am. She is on her feet throughout the day conceptualizing programmes and arranging guest meetings and interviews.

She stays fit by doing a mix of functional training, brisk walks and Kundalini yoga. She is also careful about her diet and ensures that food she eats is nutritious and filling.

She loves travelling. Her favourite places to visit are New York, Istanbul, Hong King etc.

While she is in Mumbai, Abha Bakaya loves to hang out in coffee shops and rooftop bars like Yoga House, Suzette, Asilo at the Palladium Hotel, Yauatcha, Café Zoe and other elite places.

Email address and contact information

There are multiple ways to get in touch with Abha Bakaya.

The best way is through email. Her email address is abhabakaya[at]gmail[dot]com.

It is known that at one time in the past she used to reside at S310, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi – 110 017 though it is not known whether she still maintains that residence.

Another speedy way to contact her is through twitter where she is active under the handle @AbhaBakaya.

Abha Bakaya can also be contacted through her facebook page where she actively interacts with her fans.

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