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Pricol Ltd Multibagger | Rs. 30 Billion Topline Growth By FY20-21

Can be Pricol Ltd be a multibagger stock because of the new regulation of the Government which requires all public transport vehicles to fit location tracking devices? Pricol has announced that its 2020 vision is to have a top line of Rs. 30 Billion. The present top line is about Rs. 13 Billion. The business of fleet management and telematics is a minor part of Pricol ’s business and contributes about 15% to the top line. This is a scalable business and can contribute in a major way to the Company’ profitability. The valuations at which the Company is quoting are not expensive. The present market cap is only Rs. 850 crore. This is below the book value after the reverse merger of Pricol Ltd with its subsidiary.

Why Porinju Veliyath Bought Multibagger Stock Cimmco Ltd For Portfolio

Porinju Bulk Deals Cimmco

We have been tracking Porinju Veliyath’s portfolio closely for the past several months. We have seen that Porinju has the knack of finding stocks that are at inflection point and can become multibaggers within a short period of time. It is for this reason that tracking his portfolio and keeping an eye on his buys and sells becomes very important for all investors and traders in the stock market