Ekansh Mittal, Katalyst Wealth Portfolio, Stock Picks, Recommendations

Ekansh Mittal of Katalyst Wealth equity research service has discussed his portfolio, stock picks and recommendations in an article in ET Markets

Age and residence

Ekansh Mittal is 29 years old. He is a resident of Kanpur.

He has done his B Tech from Noida.

He became a SEBI registered analyst and started Katalyst Wealth in 2011.

Katalyst Wealth Portfolio of multibagger stocks

There are nine stocks in the portfolio of Ekansh Mittal of Katalyst Wealth.

All the stocks are from the small cap and mid cap segments.

These are Cera Sanitaryware, Wim Plast, Acrysil, VST Tillers, Can Fin Homes, Symphony, Control Print, Pokarna and Prima Plastics.

These stocks were bought from 2011 onwards and have been held in the portfolio since then.

Two stocks were sold from the portfolio. These are Amara Raja Batteries and DFM Foods.

Ekansh Mittal Katalyst Wealth portfolio

Gains from the multibagger stocks

The total gain made by Ekansh Mittal from buying and selling stocks is up to 1,700 per cent in the last six years.

Ekansh bought Cera Sanitaryware, Wim Plast and Acrysil in 2011, and they have delivered 1,700 per cent, 1,400 per cent and 500 per cent returns, respectively, till now.

VST Tillers Tractors was bought in 2012. It has delivered 400 per cent return till date.

Amara Raja Batteries was bought at Rs 100 in 2012. it is presently at Rs 930.

Can Fin Homes and Symphony were bought in 2013. The stocks have given a return of 1,500 per cent and 600 per cent returns till date.

Prima Plastics, Pokarna and DFM Foods have also all delivered multibagger returns.

Mistakes of omission and commission

IPCA Labs and Eros International are mistakes of commission. Both stocks are at a loss.

Ajanta Pharma, Caplin Point, Astral Poly Technik and La Opala RG are mistakes of omission.

Recommended stocks

Ekansh Mittal prefers stocks that can grow earnings at a rapid pace without requiring capital.

He chooses stocks that have potential in terms of expanding market demand and/or shifting from the unorganised to the organised segment.

The management quality is important. The management has to be able and honest and with significant share holding.

The valuations at which the stock can be bought should be reasonable.

The business should be easy-to-understand and with high returns on capital employed (RoCE).

They should have sustainable competitive advantages.

Stock market gurus followed

Ekansh Mittal follows stock market gurus like Raamdeo Agrawal, Howard Marks, Sanjay Bakshi and Vijay Kedia.

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