Buy Sell Stock Tips & Recommendations Of Expert: Milan Sharma

Date Stock Expert Stock Buy or sell advice
May 24, 2017 , There is a buy call on Lakshmi Vilas Bank, an old generation private sector bank. We recommend Lakshmi Vilas on account of its sheer valuations. This trades almost two times the book as compared to other players. It is almost double the valuation of stocks like RBL. I believe that if someone is a patient investor with a five year horizon, Lakshmi Vilas can be a real multibagger in times to come.
May 24, 2017 , We recommend a buy of Jindal Steel & Power. The company posted results yesterday. Though there were some one time exceptional gains due to which the stock corrected and there is negative news about the promoter but overall, we are quite hopeful about the entire steel sector. The valuations are compelling for the companies like JSPL. If someone is a longterm player and wants to create a longterm bet, then one should definitely go for JSPL at these levels. This stock can easily double to triple in next three to four years time from these levels.
May 24, 2017 , Our first call is a buy call on Coal India Limited. It is one of the blue chip companies and a Navratna PSU. The reason we recommend Coal India is because we believe that in times to come the way the government has been emphasising upon the operational efficiency of all the PSUs and these Navratna companies and the way things are looking for Coal India especially in the power sector with the government is trying to revive the entire power sector and coal being one of the biggest beneficiaries, things are only going to improve for Coal India from here. Even the Coal India valuations are quite attractive. In terms of risk reward, there is hardly any risk on the downside from these levels. If someone acquires at the Rs 270 levels, there will not be more than 5% downside risk for Coal India. On the contrary, if you talk in terms of the forward looking valuation for this stock, whether you use multiple valuation or you use cash to discounting, the fair price that works out is almost double from these levels. A longterm investor with three to five years horizon can safely opt for Coal India and almost 30% to 40% can be expected in year to year to basis.
May 19, 2017 , IDFC Bank is a new generation private sector bank and the valuation is quite attractive, trading at almost 1.5 times book value. Hardly any private sector bank is available at these valuations. The entire banking space offers you opportunity and we like it because though on the books, it appears that the NPAs are there but actually they are a part of the demerger process. When this bank was carved out by IDFC, the NPAs came up but they do not have anything more. The way they are using the technology and the way they are launching newer products, they have a long way to go from here and the real story will unfold after two to three years. So if someone is a long­term investor and can wait for two to three years, these are picks one should go for.
May 19, 2017 , One can buy Coal India Ltd. at these levels. There is hardly any downside risk at the price which it trades today. Looking at the future of Coal India, I feel it makes a very valuable buy in terms of valuation. There is hardly any premium between the Coal India and the other peer groups though a clear leader like Coal India should command at least 25% valuations. Overall, the entire PSU sector looks good and the way the government is working on reviving the PSU sector as a whole, Coal India tends to benefit in that as well. Overall, why we like fundamental is because of the valuations and even if you try to do a cash flow discounting base model for Coal India, the fair price for us works out to be around Rs 520 plus which is almost double from these levels. If you are long term investor with a horizon of three to four years, then one should go for Coal India because there is hardly any downside risk and the rewards are definitely high.