Free Stock Market Tips & Recommendations By Experts

Several leading stock market experts daily offer free stock tips and recommendations about which stocks to buy and sell. Some experts offer tips for intraday trading purposes. Others offer recommendations of high-quality stocks for long-term investment.

Some experts who are knowledgeable about stocks and whose views are valuable include pundits like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ramesh Damani, Basant Maheshwari, Samir Arora, Dolly Khanna, Vijay Kedia, Ashwani Gujral, Porinju Veliyath, Sudarshan Sukhani, Ambareesh Baliga, SP Tulsian, Prakash Diwan, Mudar Patherya, Sandip Sabharwal, Daljeet Kohli etc

All of these experts are highly trustworthy and are known for their honesty and credibility. Some stocks recommended by these experts have become huge multibagger stocks and have created immense wealth for investors.

On this page, we will set out all the stock picks and recommendations of the experts in a systematic manner so that they can be tracked and we can see how much are the gains for investors and traders who follow them.

You can filter the data between fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Date Stock Expert Stock Buy or sell advice
March 25, 2017 , One stock which I am recommending at current levels is a buy on Century Textiles. It is a very interesting stock. The stock had a very good move a couple of weeks back. It rallied till 1040 odd levels and last week it consolidated.

The volumes in this consolidation dried up significantly which is typical for the stock which was cooling off after a sharp uptrend. The long-term average for Century Textile is sloping on the higher side and once this consolidation gets over, the stock should resume its uptrend.

From a trading perspective, you could look at least a Rs 1060-1065 target of Century Textiles. So, go long at current levels with a stop loss at Rs 985.

The second stock is Indo Count. Now I have been bullish on the stock for good part of the last week. On daily charts there is a bullish flat pattern, the stock has broken out of that bullish flag pattern closer to that 196-197 mark and now I am sensing that with extremely strong volumes, the stock holding above its long-term averages and clearly the prices have broken out of bullish chart patterns as well.

I believe the prospects for Indo Count could be extremely positive for the next couple of weeks at least. From a positional perspective, recommending to long at current levels with a target now at Rs 225, stop loss at Rs 192.
March 25, 2017 , , , Having extremely positive view on home finance company, which I have been reiterating -- if you recall on December 30, when the Prime Minister has announced the interest subvention on Rs 12 lakh loan, since then or maybe prior to that if you have the housing for all by 2022 that is a very positive for all the housing finance companies and maybe in that space in fact you can go across the board maybe at the current valuations few of them may look a little expensive but if you need to pick and choose few of them probably this second run kind of stocks like Repco Home Finance or GIC Housing, Can Fin Home because if you take a call on Dewan Housing or LIC Housing or maybe Indiabulls Housing -- all three seem to be ruling at the upper end. They have already moved quite a lot in this last one month.

So maybe some profit booking can come in but if you take a call in the other stocks like GIC Housing, CanFin Home, Repco Home or maybe even Gruh Finance because Gruh Finance has always been ruling expensive, Repco Home Finance having corrected again is seeing the renewed buying coming back. So these are the few ideas.
March 25, 2017 , Jayshree Tea & Industries and Harrisons Malayalam because both are looking good. Harrisons Malayalam has good presence in the southern part. They are into rubber and tea, they have both the gardens. Jayshree Tea, again they have the gardens in the north eastern states, so probably these two are looking good from the tea space and CCL from the coffee space.
March 25, 2017 , , The trades are on the short side, for all of them, but I would start with intraday shorting only because the markets also need to give us a sense that a deeper correction is coming. Till then, for the metals, short selling, intraday is justified. I don’t have a view on Bharti Airtel, but Tata Motors and Tata Steel are both short selling ideas for the day. Hindustan Unilever (HUL) is a buy idea. Remember my view is that we are probably going lower, so, the buys have to be tempered with moderation
March 17, 2017 , , , , I will go back to my old favourites NBCC. Engineers India Limited (EIL) became ex-bonus, there was some weakness there and they continue to be the best performing stocks and the best performing sectors and businesses. Going forward, we think oil marketing companies expansion in hydro carbon and NBCC becomes a beneficiary of the construction in tier- I and tier II. We think there is a 40 percent upside in both those stocks.

Trident and Future Lifestyle Fashions have been two of our favourites with all-time highs. We would recommend staying invested in those stocks. We would also be very bullish on the white goods player particularly Voltas and Blue Star and some of the manufacturing players like Thermax where we see immense amount of value. Not to forget Indian Hotels as a GST play which we think can be an outperformer going ahead.

Gujarat Pipavav Port becomes a best proxy on the inland water transportation where there is a lot of emphasis and we think with the APM holding 43 percent stock holding in this stock, we think it is headed much higher. The risk reward on this stock is very bullish given that the baltic freight Index is also hitting new all-time highs
March 17, 2017 NMDC is now selling iron ore at an average rate of about USD 40-42 or maybe maximum USD 45, if I take both lump and fine. The average selling price is not more than USD 45 per tonne against the imported price prevailing at about sub USD 90 or close to USD 90 per tonne. If you take a situation call going forward, India has turned a net exporter. Now there is no dumping seen from China. So all the steelmakers are doing quite well, their capacity utilisation has gone up, so that has seen the demand of iron ore increasing. However, NMDC is not seen exporting a single tonne; I am not talking of a marginal quantity but they are totally catering to the domestic market. Last week when the steel secretary has said that they will be looking for the profit and not profiteering by this natural resources company probably that has put a halt on the share price upmove of these stocks like NMDC, MOIL. So I am keeping positive stance on NMDC for a simple reason that their estimated production and even on annual basis is not likely to exceed USD 40 million and JSW Steel kind of companies have an annual requirement of about 24-25 million tonne. So there is scope because steel industry is going to see good times going ahead. China having cut the capacity by about 200 million tonne, now they have a capacity of 850-900 million tonne against earlier used to be at 1,200 million tonne. So I am keeping positive stance on NMDC
March 17, 2017 I am quite bullish is on Jayant Agro which I have been recommending from Rs 250 levels and now, it is ruling at Rs 634-635 because their castor seed, they are the market leader in the castor seed and the kind of run up which we have seen in their prices, castor oil and castor oil derivatives, they have two joint ventures with the largest consumer of castor oil in the world are their joint venture partners. And the castor seed production this time is lower but the promoters have a very good hold on buying these crops and all that.
March 17, 2017 , D-Mart is a wonderful company and is going to grow much more.It can be a 5x company in the next 10 years. That’s the kind of potential that the company has. It is a well-managed company.
March 17, 2017 , , , HSIL and TCI are leadership companies and businesses. HSIL and TCI have gone up some 25-30% since then but these are leadership companies and businesses. Going forward, even Tata Global and Tata Coffee are kind leadership companies in niche segments. I am very bullish on these companies and some of these companies can give 25-30% CAGR for next may be a decade. That is the kind of opportunity we are sitting on in Indian equities.
March 14, 2017 , , , There are lot of buying opportunities, Arvind is a swing trading buy, it is on the verge of breaking again on the upside. The other three buying ideas are not only for the short-term, you could actually hold positions in them. The first is Tata Communications which is moving out of a large trading range, again resuming its upmove. The second is Sun TV, surprisingly, that last trading range after that big gap up is now giving a sense that it is going to move higher break on the upside. The third is Mindtree, an excellent example of an IT company which had a bear market is building a consolidation, building a base and now willing to go higher. You could carry positions in them for few weeks. Aurobindo Pharma is my sole short sell, it is a short sell, the chart is very weak you could easily sell it even if the market goes up.

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