Free Stock Market Tips & Recommendations By Experts

Several leading stock market experts daily offer free stock tips and recommendations about which stocks to buy and sell. Some experts offer tips for intraday trading purposes. Others offer recommendations of high-quality stocks for long-term investment.

Some experts who are knowledgeable about stocks and whose views are valuable include pundits like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ramesh Damani, Basant Maheshwari, Samir Arora, Dolly Khanna, Vijay Kedia, Ashwani Gujral, Porinju Veliyath, Sudarshan Sukhani, Ambareesh Baliga, SP Tulsian, Prakash Diwan, Mudar Patherya, Sandip Sabharwal, Daljeet Kohli etc

All of these experts are highly trustworthy and are known for their honesty and credibility. Some stocks recommended by these experts have become huge multibagger stocks and have created immense wealth for investors.

On this page, we will set out all the stock picks and recommendations of the experts in a systematic manner so that they can be tracked and we can see how much are the gains for investors and traders who follow them.

You can filter the data between fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Date Stock Expert Stock Buy or sell advice
March 14, 2017 Angel Broking has a Buy call on MindTree Ltd. with a target price of Rs 528 . The current market price of MindTree Ltd. is Rs 483 . The time period given by the analyst is Intra Day when MindTree Ltd. price can reach defined target. Angel Broking recommended to keep stop loss at Rs 470
March 13, 2017 , , , , I like two mid-cap media stocks currently, Zee Media at ~35 levels and Balaji Tele at ~85 levels. Investors could explore and try to understand the business model and their relevance for the future. We hold both the stocks in our portfolio (PMS).

Some private sector banks, midcap banks Federal Bank, Lakshmi Vilas Bank. Small investors can look for not for any large exposure.

In the dairy sector, some stocks have come to a very reasonable attractive levels like Parag Milk, Kwality. There are many companies in the sector. This is booming business and most of the businesses will be shifted to organised sector. That is where the listed companies are going to benefit. This is not only in the milk sector, the positive thing what investors should look out for today is that, which are the sectors or companies which are going to benefit because of the demonetisation and the kind of black to white theme, lot of unorganised businesses will be transferred to organised companies and businesses and the listed companies are the biggest beneficiaries.
March 13, 2017 , Buy Godrej Properties

Our other pick would be Godrej Properties, a company that came out with stellar numbers. It is expanding its presence pan India and in the unique model of buy on lease and execute. We think this is the best proxy play on the back of the fact that interest rates are low and real estate is revving up in the second half. Even the results of the company were excellent. We have a target of Rs 450 with a one year perspective. Two cement stocks which we have been very bullish on -- JK Lakshmi and UltraTech have made recent highs, and we reiterate buy on decline. We think UltraTech could cross Rs 4100 and JK Lakshmi is headed towards Rs 450.

Buy Gujarat Pipavav

We will give you two fundamental calls along with one trading pick. We think Gujarat Pipavav is our top pick at around Rs 150-155. It is one of the largest players on the container terminals, 43% stake is held by APM terminals which is globally one of the largest players and we think the Baltic Freight Index has started to move up sharply so container freight, trade terminals are going to be very very bullish in the next one to two years.

Domestically also, there has been a lot of emphasis on inland waterways and we think this stock is poised to give a very good upside so we have a target of Rs 250 in the next one year on Gujarat Pipavav.
March 13, 2017 , , , , Right now we are pushing Mahindra & Mahindra. We feel that the stock is undervalued and right now people are not giving valuation because most of the time we tend to link Mahindra & Mahindra with only tractor business although they have been doing good business in the other segments also, but tractor itself is coming up.

So we did some study on what is the sensitivity when the tractor sales go up and down and we see that actually after many quarters, the tractor business is now picking up and therefore the sensitivity of stock performance is very high on that side. As of date, that is our preferred pick amongst the larger ones. Mahindra & Mahindra we are saying buy with a target of around Rs 1700. I do not remember exactly the target but that is the kind of valuation we are looking at.

One midcap idea that people can invest into from a one year perspective?

One theme we are looking at is realty although we are not very fond of realty. But we feel that the kind of noises we are hearing from all these developers that there is some pick up activity happening there. So Sunteck Realty is one stock that we like. We have a buy rating there and can see some spurt in next one year or so. Their projects are already completed so not too much of risk of execution and the new project they have done some presales.

We are expecting some more pickup in those presales. S 15-20% upside can be expected from Sunteck Realty. That is one stock I think we will be looking for.

What is the other idea for the day?

The other thing which we are looking for is some of these infra companies like Kalpataru Power and KEC International where the thesis is that their consolidated balance sheets and profit and loss account will look better in next one year because their loss making subsidiaries have either arrested the loss or reduced the loss significantly and the core business is doing very well.

So core business is coming from PGCIL mainly the transmission business is doing very well so I think both these companies stand to gain in next one year. We are expecting again good move from these two companies.
March 13, 2017 , Today we have chosen two heavyweights which are pointing to different directions. One is ONGC. We feel that yesterday the stock has seen 5 percent and fresh shorts being pressed. More important is that while the ONGC 200 Call has the highest open interest (OI) and yesterday we saw that those Call writers were pushing on the downside towards 195 Call, so very clearly the pressure will be felt. We feel that ONGC may have to test the next strong support which is around Rs 181-182 band. So, we are recommending a short in ONGC with a stop loss of Rs 195 and a target of Rs 181-182. The other index heavyweight that we are recommending is on the buy side. Asian Paints first saw long positions added up to the tune of 3 percent. What was also important to see was now 1,000 Put has the highest open interest. That means the base is firming around Rs 1,000 levels. Technically, Rs 1,009-1,010 should be kept as a stop loss and we see Asian Paints testing Rs 1,060-1,065 zone. So ONGC is a sell and Asian Paints is a buy for us
March 13, 2017 , , Buy Zee Entertainment with stop loss at Rs 504 and target of Rs 535. Buy State Bank of India (SBI) with stop loss at Rs 267 and target of Rs 277
March 13, 2017 I like the basic structure of Coal India. The breakout will come once it crosses Rs 330 or 340. Hold it but if it comes down there is a very good chance that the stock can slide down to levels closer to Rs 300. Now that is the place to add. If one can hold for long-term and add at lower levels, I think one should do that. No point booking loss because I have a feeling that once it gives a breakout, it can climb to levels closer to Rs 380. It may take its own sweet time but hold on,
March 13, 2017 One should hold PVR because my sense is once GST is rolled out from July I think most of the multiplex companies including PVR should benefit more. I would believe that one should look at a target price of anywhere closed to around Rs 1,500 odd because this is one of those front line multiplex players which has got a good geographical presence, so I would advise to hold on. One should definitely not book out now and probably wait for another say 6-12 months, but post July you should see it significant amount of traction
March 13, 2017 , In Adani Ports one need to do is put a stoploss at Rs 290. If it breaks Rs 290 then exit. It is a good possibility it can climb to Rs 320, one needs to protect themselves, have a stop loss below Rs 290 and just continue holding it. Exit around Rs 320, if it goes there.
March 13, 2017 , , JSPL is breaking out. It has opened up strongly, went sideways and again is breaking out in the last one hour, so you could see Rs 132 to about Rs 134. So, more rally could be still there. Jubilant Foodworks is a buy with a stop loss of Rs 1,065, target of Rs 1,120. Another one that is coming out of correction is TVS Motor, that is a buy with a stop loss of Rs 420, target of Rs 445. Hindustan Zinc is a sell with a stop loss of Rs 291, target of Rs 276. Wockhardt does appear that it has not made any fresh lows. The low was around Rs 630-640, so chances are some accumulation probably starting on this bad news and as good news develops, Wockhardt should get back towards Rs 900-950

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