Latest Research Reports On Multibagger Stocks

Mehraboon Irani Stock Tips Recommendations

Mehraboon Irani of Nirmal Bang is a leading expert in the stock market. He periodically offers numerous tips and recommendations relating to stocks. Several of these stocks have become multibaggers

Cupid Ltd Multibagger Stock Buy Research Report

Cupid Ltd is already a multibagger stock because it has given a return of 14x in the past couple of years. Such stocks become multibaggers because of the quality of growth and quality of management. The Companies enjoy a moat which prevents competition and enables generation of higher profits as compared to other listed companies

Best High Dividend Yield Stocks To Buy In India For 2017

Investors who are looking to buy stocks with the ideal combination of safety and capital appreciation should buy high dividend yield stocks. The USP of these stocks is that the high dividend yield offers a lot of protection to the investor from the vagaries of the stock market. Dividend yield is computed depending on the payout and the price of the stock

Mudar Patherya Stock Tips Recommendations

Mudar Patherya is a veteran stock picker on the BSE and NSE and a specialist in penny stocks and micro-cap stocks. Even when Mudar Patherya is recommending a buy of penny stocks, he ensures that they are strong from a fundamental and technical perspective

Ten Penny Stocks Give Multibagger Gains

Penny stocks are famous for giving multibagger gains to investors in short periods of time. These ten penny stocks have given gains of 72% in 10 sessions