Latest Research Reports On Multibagger Stocks

High Dividend Yield Stocks 2017

Latest list of best high dividend yield stocks of blue-chip large-cap PSU stocks which can be bought by investors for their portfolios. These are safe stocks

Best Multibagger Stocks To Buy Now For 115% Gain

A number of multibagger stocks have been recommended as being worthy of a buy now. The stocks which are chosen have great fundamentals and are at inflection points. Their valuations are also reasonable

Ashish Kacholia Latest Portfolio 2017

The latest portfolio and holdings of Ashish Kacholia as of 31st March 2017 is as follows. The prices of the stocks as shown in the portfolio are real time prices as procured from the National Stock Exchange (NSE). The net worth is also updated on a real time basis

Anil Kumar Goel Latest Portfolio 2017

The latest portfolio and holdings of Anil Kumar Goel as of April 2017 are as follows. His net worth is more than Rs. 1000 crore. He has several multibaggers in the portfolio. We will update the portfolio on a regular basis for the benefit of investors who want full details of latest multibagger buys and sales

Top Ten Multibagger Stocks To Buy

Multibagger stocks are those that multiply the investment manifold times in a short period of a couple of years. In the BSE itself, more than 400 stocks have given more than 100% gain and doubled investors’ wealth in just the last one year.

Pricol Ltd Multibagger | Rs. 30 Billion Topline Growth By FY20-21

Can be Pricol Ltd be a multibagger stock because of the new regulation of the Government which requires all public transport vehicles to fit location tracking devices? Pricol has announced that its 2020 vision is to have a top line of Rs. 30 Billion. The present top line is about Rs. 13 Billion. The business of fleet management and telematics is a minor part of Pricol ’s business and contributes about 15% to the top line. This is a scalable business and can contribute in a major way to the Company’ profitability. The valuations at which the Company is quoting are not expensive. The present market cap is only Rs. 850 crore. This is below the book value after the reverse merger of Pricol Ltd with its subsidiary.