Latest Research Reports On Multibagger Stocks

SP Tulsian & Sonia Shenoy Recommend Stocks To Buy Now

SP Tulsian, the veteran stock picker, is known for his ability to pick multibagger stocks. There are several occasions where the stocks recommended by him have become multibaggers and given heavy gains to investors

Trident Ltd Multibagger Buy (Dolly Khanna Holding)

Trident Ltd is one of the stocks that Dolly Khanna has been holding for a long time in her portfolio. Dolly Khanna bought Trident in the beginning of 2016. Her holding in the stock did not exceed 1% till December 2016. In December 2016, the holding in the stock exceeded 1% and was seen in Dolly Khanna’s portfolio

Best Stocks To Buy Now For Multibagger Gain

Here is a list of the best stocks to buy now. These stocks are a good buy because they have good management, good track record of growth and profitability and the valuations are reasonable. Some of the stocks may become multibagger also