Best Mutual Funds

In this section, we track the best mutual funds and see what stocks they are buying and selling. We also consider which are the best mutual funds to invest in.

Best Mutual Funds To Invest In For Long Term

Are you looking for the best mutual funds to invest in for long term? IIFL has examined details of the best mutual funds in India for the last 5 years. The mutual funds have been selected based on the performance of their fund manager and the performance of the schemes on a 1-month, 6-month, 3-year and 5-year average performance

How To Make Rs. 5 Crore From Mutual Funds By Investing Only Rs. 16,229

Amassing a fortune of Rs. 5 crore is the dream of every investor. However, amassing such a large sum of money appears to be an impossible task for a number of people who are earning a small monthly salary. Thankfully, the magic of compounding coupled with the convenience of systematic investing plan (SIP) in mutual funds can make this dream possible for even salaried employees earning small sums of money every month

What is the difference between direct and regular mutual fund plans?

An article in Mint explains the difference between “direct plans” and “regular plans” of mutual funds. The biggest advantage of a direct plan is that the investor does not have to hefty commission to the distributor. In a “regular plan”, distributor commission gets deducted from the fund’s valuation before arriving at its net asset value (NAV).

Mutual Funds Aggressively Buy Two Small-Cap Multibagger Stocks

Mutual Funds are known for their thorough research into the fundamentals of a company before they buy its stock. It is for this reason that several mutual funds have been able to buy small-cap stocks at the early part of their progression and are able to encash on enormous multibagger gains

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