Buy Sell Stock Tips & Recommendations On Company: Coal India

Date Stock Expert Stock Buy or sell advice
May 24, 2017 , Our first call is a buy call on Coal India Limited. It is one of the blue chip companies and a Navratna PSU. The reason we recommend Coal India is because we believe that in times to come the way the government has been emphasising upon the operational efficiency of all the PSUs and these Navratna companies and the way things are looking for Coal India especially in the power sector with the government is trying to revive the entire power sector and coal being one of the biggest beneficiaries, things are only going to improve for Coal India from here. Even the Coal India valuations are quite attractive. In terms of risk reward, there is hardly any risk on the downside from these levels. If someone acquires at the Rs 270 levels, there will not be more than 5% downside risk for Coal India. On the contrary, if you talk in terms of the forward looking valuation for this stock, whether you use multiple valuation or you use cash to discounting, the fair price that works out is almost double from these levels. A longterm investor with three to five years horizon can safely opt for Coal India and almost 30% to 40% can be expected in year to year to basis.
May 20, 2017 , , , , You can also look at some of the pharma stocks which we are very very bullish with a slightly longer term view as a contrarian play for a weaker rupee and most of the bad news being priced in. So Dr Reddy, Sun and Lupin are looking very good and as a beneficiary of GST.

People are overlooking the lowest cost for coal which means Coal India. There is 8.5% dividend yield and the whole coal logistics front has been very well sorted out by the government which means that the power producers and the fertiliser companies will have a streamlining of both on the volume and on the price front which is a win win for companies like Coal India and as a midcap, Reliance Power would also be a very big beneficiary of that. We are overweight on both those stocks.
May 19, 2017 , One can buy Coal India Ltd. at these levels. There is hardly any downside risk at the price which it trades today. Looking at the future of Coal India, I feel it makes a very valuable buy in terms of valuation. There is hardly any premium between the Coal India and the other peer groups though a clear leader like Coal India should command at least 25% valuations. Overall, the entire PSU sector looks good and the way the government is working on reviving the PSU sector as a whole, Coal India tends to benefit in that as well. Overall, why we like fundamental is because of the valuations and even if you try to do a cash flow discounting base model for Coal India, the fair price for us works out to be around Rs 520 plus which is almost double from these levels. If you are long term investor with a horizon of three to four years, then one should go for Coal India because there is hardly any downside risk and the rewards are definitely high.
March 13, 2017 I like the basic structure of Coal India. The breakout will come once it crosses Rs 330 or 340. Hold it but if it comes down there is a very good chance that the stock can slide down to levels closer to Rs 300. Now that is the place to add. If one can hold for long-term and add at lower levels, I think one should do that. No point booking loss because I have a feeling that once it gives a breakout, it can climb to levels closer to Rs 380. It may take its own sweet time but hold on,
March 13, 2017 , In Adani Ports one need to do is put a stoploss at Rs 290. If it breaks Rs 290 then exit. It is a good possibility it can climb to Rs 320, one needs to protect themselves, have a stop loss below Rs 290 and just continue holding it. Exit around Rs 320, if it goes there.