Buy Sell Stock Tips & Recommendations On Company: Lakshmi Vilas Bank

Date Stock Expert Stock Buy or sell advice
May 24, 2017 , There is a buy call on Lakshmi Vilas Bank, an old generation private sector bank. We recommend Lakshmi Vilas on account of its sheer valuations. This trades almost two times the book as compared to other players. It is almost double the valuation of stocks like RBL. I believe that if someone is a patient investor with a five year horizon, Lakshmi Vilas can be a real multibagger in times to come.
March 13, 2017 , , , , I like two mid-cap media stocks currently, Zee Media at ~35 levels and Balaji Tele at ~85 levels. Investors could explore and try to understand the business model and their relevance for the future. We hold both the stocks in our portfolio (PMS).

Some private sector banks, midcap banks Federal Bank, Lakshmi Vilas Bank. Small investors can look for not for any large exposure.

In the dairy sector, some stocks have come to a very reasonable attractive levels like Parag Milk, Kwality. There are many companies in the sector. This is booming business and most of the businesses will be shifted to organised sector. That is where the listed companies are going to benefit. This is not only in the milk sector, the positive thing what investors should look out for today is that, which are the sectors or companies which are going to benefit because of the demonetisation and the kind of black to white theme, lot of unorganised businesses will be transferred to organised companies and businesses and the listed companies are the biggest beneficiaries.