Buy Coal India For 100% Gain: Milan Sharma, Rivergate Capital Partners

One can buy Coal India Ltd. at these levels. There is hardly any downside risk at the price which it trades today. Looking at the future of Coal India, I feel it makes a very valuable buy in terms of valuation. There is hardly any premium between the Coal India and the other peer groups though a clear leader like Coal India should command at least 25% valuations. Overall, the entire PSU sector looks good and the way the government is working on reviving the PSU sector as a whole, Coal India tends to benefit in that as well. Overall, why we like fundamental is because of the valuations and even if you try to do a cash flow discounting base model for Coal India, the fair price for us works out to be around Rs 520 plus which is almost double from these levels. If you are long term investor with a horizon of three to four years, then one should go for Coal India because there is hardly any downside risk and the rewards are definitely high.

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