Buy Jayant Agro Multibagger: SP Tulsian

I am quite bullish is on Jayant Agro which I have been recommending from Rs 250 levels and now, it is ruling at Rs 634-635 because their castor seed, they are the market leader in the castor seed and the kind of run up which we have seen in their prices, castor oil and castor oil derivatives, they have two joint ventures with the largest consumer of castor oil in the world are their joint venture partners. And the castor seed production this time is lower but the promoters have a very good hold on buying these crops and all that.

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  1. Gopalan

    Multi bagger has become a multi dragger now!! The bonus share given is only a gimmik.
    IT seems it is commodity base driven – castor seed. May I know is there any revival in near future?


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