Sudarshan Sukhani Share Market Intraday Tips (Trading Tip 2)

Sudarshan Sukhani has recommended the following share market intraday tips for 19th August 2016

(i) Power Grid is an investing idea even at these elevated levels. If you buy and hold it for six months to a year there is money in it. It is going much higher.

(ii) Be long in non-ferrous metals which are giving us strong sense of out-performance like Vedanta and Hindalco Industries.

(iii) NMDC is breaking out of a long trading range and is coming out of a bear market. There is probably lot of potential there, but broadly for trading Hindalco and Vedanta are very appropriate.

(iv) Bata India has come down to a very strong support level. Once it starts moving, it is a high beta stock and does well.

(v) CRISIL is going into a consolidation and moving sideways. A sideways move after a minor dip is usually the end of the dip, preparatory to a big rally. CRISIL has been an outperformer and could again go into that lead.

(vi) NTPC is a positional trading and investing idea. It is also a day trade and short term trade. It is making higher highs, higher lows and today, it is breaking out of a 2-week consolidation. So, it is a buying opportunity whether you are a short-term trader or an investor.

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