Anil Kumar Goel Latest Portfolio 2017

Anil Kumar Goel Latest Portfolio And Holdings 2017

The latest portfolio and holdings of Anil Kumar Goel as of April 2017 are as follows. His net worth is more than Rs. 1000 crore. He has several multibaggers in the portfolio. We will update the portfolio on a regular basis for the benefit of investors who want full details of latest multibagger buys and sales.

Stock Name Nos of shares held Holding (%) Networth (Rs crore)
KRBL Limited 9,225,022 3.9% 399.54
Dhampur Sugar Mills Limited 4,080,000 6.2% 99.61
TCPL PACKAGING LTD. 806,423 9.3% 50.40
Srikalahasthi Pipes Limited 948,200 2.4% 35.38
Sterling Tools Limited 1,253,089 3.7% 32.59
Tamil Nadu Newsprint 900,000 1.3% 27.28
Vardhman Holdings 93,759 2.9% 27.09
Cosmo Films Limited 660,000 3.4% 25.79
Rane Holdings Limited 225,000 1.6% 22.77
JBM Auto Limited 720,000 1.8% 20.38
Thirumalai Chemicals Limited 230,000 2.3% 20.18
Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited 366,000 1.9% 17.68
Sarla Performance Fibers Limited 2,734,750 3.3% 16.75
LG Balakrishnan 253,000 1.6% 15.98
Technocraft Industries 279,000 1.1% 13.03
Uttam Sugar Mills 940,840 2.5% 12.85
RSWM Limited 275,000 1.2% 11.96
Sanghvi Movers 454,000 1.1% 11.21
Shivam Autotech 1,800,000 1.8% 10.67
MM Forgings Limited 164,428 1.4% 10.09
Panama Petrochem Limited 590,000 2.1% 9.47
Vardhman Special Steels 709,448 3.8% 7.35
Visaka Industries Limited 220,000 1.4% 6.82
Amarjothi Spinning Mills Limited 314,000 4.7% 6.28
KG DENIM LTD. 490,000 1.9% 4.80
Star Paper Mills Limited 213,440 1.4% 4.12
INDSIL HYDRO POWER 600,000 3.8% 3.83
MAZDA LTD. 104,000 2.4% 3.51
GRP Limited 20,600 1.6% 3.47
Swelect Energy Systems Limited 102,000 1.0% 3.90
ADOR FONTECH LTD. 275,000 1.6% 2.53
MAJESTIC AUTO LTD. 225,000 2.2% 2.34
SAMTEX FASHIONS LTD. 4,960,000 6.7% 2.34
AUSTIN ENGINEERING 105,100 3.0% 0.68
O. P. Chains Ltd 150,000 2.2% 0.39
G.K.CONSULTANTS 30,000 0.6% 0.015
Net Worth as of 31st March 2017 1022.65

Anil Kumar Goel Net Worth

The net worth of Anil Kumar Goel as of 31st March 2017 is Rs. 1,022 crore. There are 39 stocks in the portfolio which comprise of small-cap and mid-cap stocks, spread out over various sectors.

About Anil Kumar Goel

Anil Kumar Goel is about 65 years old. He hails from Amritsar in Punjab.

His family business is that of steel trading. He joined the family business when he was only 16 years old and learnt the nuances of how businesses prosper.

He became deeply interested in the stock market in 1990 when the economy was opened up to foreign participation and FDI.

Anil Kumar Goel invested a small sum of Rs. 50 lakh in September 1992 when the Sensex was around 2200.

Then, when the stock market crashed in May 1993 and the Sensex fell to 1850, he bought heavily and invested Rs 5 crore.

Thereafter, the stock market rallied heavily and the investment of Rs. 5 crore by Anil Kumar Goel became Rs. 20 crore.

The investment strategy adopted by Anil Kumar Goel is to buy stocks which were heavily oversold.

He bought Arvind Mills, which issued GDRs at Rs 360, but corrected to Rs 180 a few months later under selling pressure from FIIs.

Arvind Mills crashed further from Rs 180 to Rs 7 per share.

All of his other investments also fell heavily. He lost so much money that he was forced to sell his land in Chennai.

In 1998, Anil Kumar Goel bought blue chip stocks like EID Parry, Carborundum Universal, SAIL, Tata Steel and Tube Investments.

These blue chip stocks did well and his portfolio multiplied several times over.

Anil Kumar Goel does a lot of research before buying a stock and making an investment.

He has a feel for good businesses and prefers to invest in dividend-paying companies.

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Latest purchases and sales by Anil Kumar Goel

In the January to March 2017 quarter, Anil Kumar Goel has bought and sold the following stocks:

Stocks bought:

(i) Samtex Fashions Ltd

(ii) Star Paper Mills Ltd

(iii) Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd

Stocks sold:

(i) IG Petrochemicals Ltd

(ii) VTM Ltd

The holding in the following stocks has been increased:

(i) Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd

(ii) Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd

(iii) KRBL Ltd

(iv) Vardhman Special Steels Ltd

The holding in the following stocks has been reduced:

(i) MM Forgings Ltd

(ii) Sterling Tools Ltd

(iii) Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd

(iv) Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd

Latest Bulk Deals

The latest bulk deal involving Anil Kumar Goel is that of Star Paper Mills. On 23rd March 2017, he bought 113,440 shares of Star Paper Mills on the NSE in a bulk deal at Rs. 135.22 per share.

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