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Porinju Veliyath buys specialty chemical stock TCM Ltd

TCM Ltd, a specialty chemicals stock, is Porinju Veliyath’s latest stock pick. It is a micro-cap with a market capitalisation of only Rs. 33 crore. The shares are in the name of Shilpa Porinju Veliyath. The investment is 1,00,000 shares (1.34%) in TCM as of 30th June 2022.

TCM manufactures various specialty chemicals such as Potassium Chlorate, Copper Sulphate, Copper Oxychloride and its formulations, Strontium Nitrate, Strontium Carbonate and Sodium Sulphide. These are essential chemicals. It has a factory at Kalamassery in Kerala.

The stock is presently quoting at Rs 44. It has given a return of about 8% on a YoY basis.

Porinju has a well diversified portfolio with several small and micro-cap stocks such as GATI, Kaya, Taneja Aerospace, Kerala Ayurveda, Cupid and Orient Bell. Some of the stocks such as Orient Bell have given multibagger returns to investors.


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