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Buy Tarsons Products stock for target price of Rs. 949 (39% gain)

Tarsons has a pan-India sales and distribution network comprising 141 active distributors that enables it to cater to a wide range of end customers. Furthermore, it has a sales team of 50-member sales team spread across the country which focuses on enhancing brand awareness for Tarsons’ products, besides facilitating distributors. Moreover, the company has a welldiversified product portfolio with 1,700+ SKUs across 300 products. The distributors stock up Tarsons’ products to cater to infrequent customers’ demand and ensure consistent supply. This arrangement, based on a wide distributor network, helps the company to minimise risks related to inventory and credit and gain market share.

Tarsons caters to the branded as well as ODM export market. It supplies branded products to more than 40 countries through a network of 45 active distributors. Tarsons recorded 27% CAGR in export revenue over FY19–22 and generated INR99.3cr (i.e., 33% of total revenue) in FY22 from the overseas markets, with the US and Europe accounting for majority of sales. Furthermore, the company aims to expand exports to more than 120 countries over the next 5–10 years.

Tarsons is expanding its product portfolio by manufacturing PCR and cell culture products; with this, capacity would increase 2x and the domestic target addressable market would expand to INR1200cr from INR720–740cr currently. Moreover, Tarsons operates the largest plastic labware in-house manufacturing facilities in India. This allows the company to have full control on the product quality, and deliver products in time, besides providing cost advantage over peers.



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