Porinju Veliyath Portfolio Holdings Make 42% Gain

We have studied the portfolio and holdings of Porinju Veliyath in detail. We have also seen the multibagger stocks that are held in the portfolio.

Now, as per the ET, the stocks in Porinju’s portfolio and holdings have generated an impressive CAGR of 42% return over the past year.

The gains in the portfolio have consistently outperformed the benchmark indices like the Sensex and the Nifty by a huge margin!

Stocks in the portfolio

The stocks in Porinju Veliyath’s portfolio include recent stock picks and recommendations such as Cimmco, BBTC (Bombay Burmah Trading Corp) and Bengal & Assam Company. Stocks like Biocon, Jubilant Life Science, L&T Foods, HSIL, TCI Express etc boosted his portfolio returns.

The star performers in the portfolio were Biocon, Jubilant Life Sciences and LT Foods. LT Foods has given the maximum gains of 195 per cent. Biocon has given a gain of 135 per cent. Jubilant Life Sciences has given a gain of 92 per cent. Other holdings like TCI Express and HSIL have given gains of 38 per cent and 23 per cent respectively.

Other stocks like Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation (BBTC) and Bengal & Assam Company have also given gains of 66 per cent each.

Latest stock pick Cimmco Ltd

We saw earlier that Porinju’s latest bulk deal stock pick is Cimmco Ltd. We have also understood the reasons for Porinju’s bullishness about Cimmco. Cimmco has jumped from Rs 58 to Rs 100 and given gains of more than 40%.

Porinju has said that it is not too late to buy stocks because there is a long bull market for India. He said India is the ‘world’s fastest growing economy’ and the GDP is growing at 7 per cent.

Stocks recommended by Porinju

Porinju has suggested that investors buy good quality mid-cap stocks like TCI, TCI Express, Tata Global Beverages, HSIL, Sarda Plywood, Indian Hotels etc. He clarified that he is holding these stocks in his own portfolio or in the portfolio of Equity Intelligence PMS.

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