Sonia Shenoy Reveals CLSA Model Portfolio

Sonia Shenoy of CNBC-TV18 has revealed the changes made by CLSA to the Model Portfolio.

Sonia Shenoy sent out a tweet today where she revealed the following important information.

CLSA Model Portfolio

The change in the strategy of CLSA Model Portfolio as revealed by Sonia Shenoy is very critical for all investors and traders because it shows where the multibagger stocks can be found.

CLSA has a very good reputation for finding multibagger stocks. Their stock tips are eagerly awaited by all investors and traders in Dalal Street.

As rightly explained by Sonia Shenoy, CLSA has become more underweight on Infosys in the latest model portfolio.

What is also surprising is that CLSA has completely removed Grasim Industries and Lupin from the Model Portfolio.

Lupin is one of the stocks which is there in Rakesh Jhunjhunwala portfolio.

CLSA has attributed the employee turnover and cancellation of the RBS deal as reasons for giving the underweight position to Infosys.

Ambuja Cements Added to portfolio

The position lost by Grasim Industries has been awarded to Ambuja Cements.

Ambuja Cements has made the cut because the merger between it and Aditya Birla Nuvo has made it into a conglomerate and it is no longer only a cement stock.

CLSA noted that Ambuja is one of the cheapest cement stocks.

Lupin has lost the position in the Model Portfolio because of increased competition in key products.

Cipla has been added in the model portfolio.

Bank of Baroda has been given more weightage by CLSA. This is because it has a better balance sheet. Bank of Baroda also has limited downside.

Sonia Shenoy is expected to discuss the developments of the CLSA Model Portfolio in detail during the course of her talk show on TV. She will provide new insights into the developments with her experience and expertise in the subject.

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