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Multibagger Stock Recommendations For 2018 By Dharmesh Kant Of Motilal Oswal

For FY18, the top three ideas which one can bet on is from the defence sector. Bharat Electronics is poised for a very good and meaningful year. Nothing has happened in the defence sector on the announcement front so we are now close to having some good contract deals and they will get the first mover advantage. Already it has a very strong balance sheet, 20 plus ROEs, 20% plus kind of CAGR growth on the earnings front and order book is robust at 3.5x for next three years. So that is one idea where you can expect a doubler out there.

Yes Bank from the private sector banking space is very good investment theme playing out. Management expects 20-22.5x kind of loan book growth which we think is feasible given the track history of Yes Bank and the way they have been targeting various segments be it retail or MFI and the corporate segment, so that is the second idea.

The third idea would be from the automobile space, Tata Motors would be the top pick out there. I think lot of valuations play and valuation catch up play is poised for Tata Motors. The JLR has been doing phenomenally well and with new launches specifically the F-Pace if you go and see it is amazing vehicle. So those launches will have a good traction for Tata Motors and domestic CV cycle is around the corner to turn around. So again a good value buy.

Of these three stocks, Yes Bank may look to be expensive as of now but the type of growth trajectory which will unfold it is justifiable. So these three are the multibagger ideas I think one can invest into for one year perspective.