Stock Tips & Recommendations Based On technical Analysis

Date Stock Expert Stock Buy or sell advice
April 1, 2017 , The first stock which I am recommending at this hour is a buy on Amara Raja Batteries. We have seen that from March first week onwards, when the stock was trading at Rs 810-815 levels, post that we have seen a decent rally shaping up. In this processm it has formed a bullish triangular pattern.

The breakout of this triangular pattern is closer to 880-885 on spot levels and the stock seems to have gathered some decent momentum of late and is broken about this particular price pattern formation.

I believe that now the stock should start a decent sort of an uptrend. Traders could look at a target of at least Rs 925- 930 on Amara Raja Batteries, keep a stop loss of Rs 870 and go long.

The second stock is a buy on BEML. It is a very interesting chart. Over the last two-three months, we have seen a decent recovery shaping up for the stock. However, of late, it was consolidating in a Rs 45-50 band. With the price action on Friday, the stock should have broken this consolidation and should start its uptrend. The volumes also have increased significantly for the stock. So a buy on BEML is what I am recommending at current levels with the target of at least Rs 1440, keep a stop loss of Rs 1320 and go long.
March 25, 2017 , One stock which I am recommending at current levels is a buy on Century Textiles. It is a very interesting stock. The stock had a very good move a couple of weeks back. It rallied till 1040 odd levels and last week it consolidated.

The volumes in this consolidation dried up significantly which is typical for the stock which was cooling off after a sharp uptrend. The long-term average for Century Textile is sloping on the higher side and once this consolidation gets over, the stock should resume its uptrend.

From a trading perspective, you could look at least a Rs 1060-1065 target of Century Textiles. So, go long at current levels with a stop loss at Rs 985.

The second stock is Indo Count. Now I have been bullish on the stock for good part of the last week. On daily charts there is a bullish flat pattern, the stock has broken out of that bullish flag pattern closer to that 196-197 mark and now I am sensing that with extremely strong volumes, the stock holding above its long-term averages and clearly the prices have broken out of bullish chart patterns as well.

I believe the prospects for Indo Count could be extremely positive for the next couple of weeks at least. From a positional perspective, recommending to long at current levels with a target now at Rs 225, stop loss at Rs 192.
March 25, 2017 , , The trades are on the short side, for all of them, but I would start with intraday shorting only because the markets also need to give us a sense that a deeper correction is coming. Till then, for the metals, short selling, intraday is justified. I don’t have a view on Bharti Airtel, but Tata Motors and Tata Steel are both short selling ideas for the day. Hindustan Unilever (HUL) is a buy idea. Remember my view is that we are probably going lower, so, the buys have to be tempered with moderation
March 14, 2017 , , , There are lot of buying opportunities, Arvind is a swing trading buy, it is on the verge of breaking again on the upside. The other three buying ideas are not only for the short-term, you could actually hold positions in them. The first is Tata Communications which is moving out of a large trading range, again resuming its upmove. The second is Sun TV, surprisingly, that last trading range after that big gap up is now giving a sense that it is going to move higher break on the upside. The third is Mindtree, an excellent example of an IT company which had a bear market is building a consolidation, building a base and now willing to go higher. You could carry positions in them for few weeks. Aurobindo Pharma is my sole short sell, it is a short sell, the chart is very weak you could easily sell it even if the market goes up.
March 14, 2017 Angel Broking has a Buy call on MindTree Ltd. with a target price of Rs 528 . The current market price of MindTree Ltd. is Rs 483 . The time period given by the analyst is Intra Day when MindTree Ltd. price can reach defined target. Angel Broking recommended to keep stop loss at Rs 470
March 13, 2017 , Today we have chosen two heavyweights which are pointing to different directions. One is ONGC. We feel that yesterday the stock has seen 5 percent and fresh shorts being pressed. More important is that while the ONGC 200 Call has the highest open interest (OI) and yesterday we saw that those Call writers were pushing on the downside towards 195 Call, so very clearly the pressure will be felt. We feel that ONGC may have to test the next strong support which is around Rs 181-182 band. So, we are recommending a short in ONGC with a stop loss of Rs 195 and a target of Rs 181-182. The other index heavyweight that we are recommending is on the buy side. Asian Paints first saw long positions added up to the tune of 3 percent. What was also important to see was now 1,000 Put has the highest open interest. That means the base is firming around Rs 1,000 levels. Technically, Rs 1,009-1,010 should be kept as a stop loss and we see Asian Paints testing Rs 1,060-1,065 zone. So ONGC is a sell and Asian Paints is a buy for us
March 13, 2017 , , Buy Zee Entertainment with stop loss at Rs 504 and target of Rs 535. Buy State Bank of India (SBI) with stop loss at Rs 267 and target of Rs 277
March 13, 2017 I like the basic structure of Coal India. The breakout will come once it crosses Rs 330 or 340. Hold it but if it comes down there is a very good chance that the stock can slide down to levels closer to Rs 300. Now that is the place to add. If one can hold for long-term and add at lower levels, I think one should do that. No point booking loss because I have a feeling that once it gives a breakout, it can climb to levels closer to Rs 380. It may take its own sweet time but hold on,
March 13, 2017 , In Adani Ports one need to do is put a stoploss at Rs 290. If it breaks Rs 290 then exit. It is a good possibility it can climb to Rs 320, one needs to protect themselves, have a stop loss below Rs 290 and just continue holding it. Exit around Rs 320, if it goes there.
March 13, 2017 , , JSPL is breaking out. It has opened up strongly, went sideways and again is breaking out in the last one hour, so you could see Rs 132 to about Rs 134. So, more rally could be still there. Jubilant Foodworks is a buy with a stop loss of Rs 1,065, target of Rs 1,120. Another one that is coming out of correction is TVS Motor, that is a buy with a stop loss of Rs 420, target of Rs 445. Hindustan Zinc is a sell with a stop loss of Rs 291, target of Rs 276. Wockhardt does appear that it has not made any fresh lows. The low was around Rs 630-640, so chances are some accumulation probably starting on this bad news and as good news develops, Wockhardt should get back towards Rs 900-950


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