Dolly Khanna Latest Portfolio 2017 (Updated Sept 2017)

Dolly Khanna latest portfolio 2017

Dolly Khanna Latest Portfolio 2017

The latest portfolio of Dolly Khanna and Rajiv Khanna as of September 2017 is as follows. We will update the portfolio on a regular basis for the benefit of her many fans who want full details of her latest multibagger buys and sales.

Stock NameCMP (Rs)Nos of sharesValue of portfolio% of Portfolio
Asian Granito4673,29,472₹15,38,63,4242.53%
DAI-ICHI KARKARIA408.586,200₹3,52,12,7000.58%
Dhampur Sugar Mills257.67,73,702₹19,93,05,6353.27%
Dwarikesh Sugar63.32,81,029₹1,77,89,1360.29%
Emkay Global3114,01,293₹12,48,02,1232.05%
IFB Agro Industries440.751,14,957₹5,06,67,2980.83%
IFB Industries727.354,23,955₹30,83,63,6695.06%
LT Foods66.729,88,245₹19,93,15,9423.27%
Manappuram Finance107.7597,44,439₹104,99,63,30217.23%
Nahar Industrial Ent101.13,98,415₹4,02,79,7570.66%
Nandan Denim148.255,99,927₹8,89,39,1781.46%
Nitin Spinners113.956,62,904₹7,55,37,9111.24%
PPAP Automotive375.551,53,362₹5,75,95,0990.95%
Rain Industries15142,68,092₹64,44,81,89210.58%
Ruchira Papers174.53,99,649₹6,97,38,7511.14%
Shreyans Industries168.351,51,285₹2,54,68,8300.42%
Srikalahasthi Pipes348.556,36,923₹22,19,99,5123.64%
Sterling Tools2545,41,765₹13,76,08,3102.26%
Tata Metaliks751.53,09,378₹23,24,97,5673.82%
Thirumalai Chemicals15411,79,778₹27,70,37,8984.55%
TOTAL NET WORTH₹609,33,45,772100.00%

Portfolio update

Dolly Khanna’s portfolio value now stands at Rs. 750 crore according to Bloomberg.

Rain Industries Ltd is the biggest bet in the portfolio. It has already given a gain of 600%.

Additions to portfolio

Increase in stake of sugar stocks

Dolly Khanna has increased her holdings in Dhampur Sugar Mills and Dwarikesh Sugar Industries.

A stake has also been acquired in Amarjothi Spinning Mills Ltd (yarn maker and exporter), Manappuram Finance Ltd (NBFC) and Ruchira Papers (paper manufacturer).

Reduction in stake

Dolly has reduced exposure to IFB Agro Industries Ltd, LT Foods and Tata Metaliks Ltd. She may have exited GNFC Ltd, Trident Ltd and Aksharchem India Ltd because her name does not appear in the September quarter filings for shareholders owning 1 percent of higher.

Dolly Khanna’s Networth

As of date, Dolly Khanna’s net worth stands at Rs. 609 crore with respect to the shares where she holds more than 1%. There are 25 such stocks in the portfolio spread over various sectors. All the stocks are small-cap or mid-cap stocks.

Dolly also has other stocks in her portfolio which are not reported because they are less than 1% of the equity capital. The value of such shares is not known.

Dolly Khanna’s Latest stock purchases

In the April to June 2017 quarter, Dolly Khanna has bought the following stocks:

(i) Rain Industries:

Rain Industries Limited, one of the leading producers of cement in South India was incorporated on 15th March 1974 under the name and style of Tadpatri Cements Limited. RCL is engaged in the manufacture and sale of Cement (under the brand ‘Priya Cement’) and Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) along with generation of Electricity. At present, Rain owns and operates 3 cement plants with a combined capacity of 3.2mn mtpa, 8 CPC plants with a capacity of 2.5mn mtpa. It has a number of impressive expansion plans on the anvil.

(ii) Shreyans Industries:

Shreyans Industries was promoted by Vardhaman Spinning and General Mills in 1979 to set up a 30-tpd paper project. A second-hand paper making machine from Belgium was imported for the purpose. Gradually, the operations of the company at its paper division at Ahmedgarh were expanded and modernised at regular intervals to the present capacity of about 70-tpd. The company also set up a cotton spinning unit with an installed capacity of 25,000 spindles. It has the status of an Export House.

(iii) Additions to portfolio as of 31st March 2017: Visaka Industries and IG Petro:

Dolly Khanna is shown as owning shares of Visaka Industries and IG Petro as of 31st March 2017.

However, her holding as of 30th June 2017 cannot be ascertained.

(iii) Increase in existing holdings:

In addition, she increased her holding in Dwarikesh Sugar from 1.18 per cent as of March 31, 2017 to 1.49 per cent as of June 30, 2017.

She also bought shares in LT Foods, Nahar Industrial, Nitin Spinners, NOCIL, RSWM, Ruchira Papers and Tata Metaliks.

(iv) Decrease in existing holdings:

Dolly has either sold off her holdings in

ADF Foods
Heritage Foods
Liberty Shoes
Lincoln Pharma
Lloyd Electric (LEEL)
R. S. Software

or reduced them below the statutory percentage of 1% required for reporting purposes.

Porinju Veliyath Latest Portfolio

Porinju Veliyath latest portfolio holdings are available. Porinju Veliyath has also given his latest stock recommendations

Historical Data

In the January to March 2017 quarter, Dolly Khanna has bought the following stocks:

(i) Asian Granito India Ltd

Asian Granito India Ltd has an industrial undertaking for manufacturing vitrified tiles at Dalpur village, Sabarkantha district, Gujarat. The Promoters have considerable experience in the manufacture of ceramic floor tiles and under the brand `ASIAN TILES’. The company has set up first facility for manufacturing vitrified tiles with a production capacity of 4000 square meters per day (33,580 metric tonnes per annum) and started commercial production from October 2003. As the company has reached optimum capacity utilization within a period of nine to ten months, company expanded the production facility by installing a second manufacturing line and commenced commercial production from the second line in January 2005. After installation of this second line the capacity of the plant increased to 9000 square meters per day (75,500 metric tonnes per annum). The company was the first manufacturers in India to produce slab vitrified tiles of 905mm x 905mm. By October 2005, the company has again reached optimum capacity utilization and planned to install a third manufacturing line and commenced commercial production from the third line in July 2006. Thus, after this expansion, the installed capacity of the plant has become 14,000 square meters per day (117,500 metric tonnes per annum). In March 2006, the company has acquired approximately 100% equity shares of Subsidiary, Asian Tiles Limited, to make it a wholly owned subsidiary.

(ii) LT Foods Ltd (DAAWAT)

LT Foods Ltd is engaged in the manufacture and sale of rice under the brand DAAWAT. They also manufacture and market parboiled rice. Their product is marketed in more than 50 countries. The company’s brand portfolio includes DAAWAT Traditional Basmati Rice, DAAWAT Biryani Basmati Rice, DAAWAT Pulav Basmati Rice, DAAWAT Super Basmati Rice and DAAWAT Rozana. Their product portfolio also includes brown rice, white rice, steamed rice, parboiled rice and organic rice. Their product range includes Select, Gold Basmati Rice, Super, Chef’s Secretz, Rozana, Devaaya Basmati Rice, Brown Rice, and Heritage.

The company, together with their subsidiary companies, is embarking on new food products like Fast Cooking Brown Rice, Rice Cakes, Rice Chips and several rice based snacks. The company is also exploring other segments in the food industry in addition to contemplating line extensions in order to pursue sustainable growth.

(iii) Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd

Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd has a sugar unit at Dhampur (12 lac tca of cane), a sugar unit at Mansurpur (5 lac tca of cane), a paper unit at Sikandrabad (50 tpd), a unit of DSM Chemicals at Dhampur and a straw board unit. DSML adopted the conventional double sulphitation process for the clarification of juice, with gravity flow layout. The Dhampur sugar unit acquired the distinction of being the first sugar unit in the private sector to generate surplus power from co-generation and supply the same to the state grid. Its Asmoli unit is under implementation.

(iv) Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd (GNFC)

Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Company Ltd is one of the leading companies in the fertilizer industry in India. GNFC distributes nitrogenous and phosphatic fertilizers like urea, ammonium nitro phosphate (ANP) and calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN), and chemicals like ammonia, weak nitric acid, concentrated nitric acid, methanol, acetic acid, formic acid, aniline, toluene di-isocyanate (TDI) and various services in the area of Information Technology.

GNFC continues to trade in imported fertilizers like CAP, muriate of potash (MOP), single super phosphate (SSP), urea and chemicals like acetic acid and methanol. The company operates in three segments, namely fertilizers, chemicals and others. The others segment includes information technology (IT) division’s activities. They are having their manufacturing facilities located at Bharuch in Gujarat. The company is carrying out the activities of information technology at Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

(v) IFB Industries Ltd

IFB Industries Ltd is engaged in manufacturing and marketing engineering products. They operate in three segments, namely engineering, home appliance and others. The engineering divisions are located at Kolkata and Bangalore. The company’s product range includes fine blanked components, tools and related machines tools, such straighteners, decoilers, strip loaders and others. They also provide household appliances, including washing machines, dryers, microwave ovens, and dishwashers. In addition, IFB Industries Ltd manufactures motors for white goods and automotive applications.

(vi) Nahar Industrial Enterprises Ltd

Nahar Industrial Enterprises is engaged in manufacturing paper at its writing and printing paper manufacturing unit and vanaspati ghee. It is also engaged in running a spinning unit at industrial focal point, phase-VIII. It has also finalised an expansion scheme by installing additional 80 Nos Picanol Airjet Looms at a total cost of Rs 36.95 crs.

(vii) Tata Metaliks Ltd

Tata Metaliks Ltd has gradually transformed itself from a loss making and heavily indebted pure commodity company manufacturing only pig iron to a financially sound, cost efficient and fast growing niche product player with value added production of DI pipes. DI segment is growing rapidly and offers substantially higher value added proposition with attractive returns and payback potential.

Tata Metaliks Ltd has left behind its past mistakes of expanding its pig iron business geographically and burning its hands in the last downturn. The company has since evolved and invested in (i) forward integration into value added DI pipes and steadily ramping up its production to become profitable in both businesses, (ii) shutting down its unviable pig iron unit (Redi plant) on the Goa-Maharashtra border, iii) investing in operating efficiency projects continuously to drive significant cost savings, iv) generating positive as well as growing earnings over the last three years and turning its net worth from negative to positive territory, and v) generating free cash flows to bring down debt from astronomical levels to more manageable levels. By implementing above actions over the last three to four years, Tata Metaliks Ltd has remarkably turned around its profitability and return ratios and geared itself for an exciting growth journey over the next decade.

Increase In Holding By Dolly Khanna

Dolly Has Increased Her Holding In The Following Stocks:

(i) Adf Foods Ltd

(ii) Dai Ichi Karkaria Ltd

(iii) Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd

(iv) Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd

(v) Ifb Agro Industries Ltd

(vi) Manappuram Finance Ltd

(vii) Nilkamal Ltd

(viii) Nitin Spinners Ltd

(ix) Rswm Ltd

(x) Ruchira Papers Ltd

(xi) Srikalahasthi Pipes Limited

(xii) Sterling Tools Ltd

(xiii) Trident Ltd

Sales By Dolly Khanna

Dolly has sold the following stock and exited the counter:

(i) Lloyd Electric & Engineering Ltd

Decrease in holding by Dolly Khanna

Dolly has reduced her holding in Nandan Denim Limited.

Earlier purchases of Dolly Khanna in September to December 2016 quarter

Dolly Khanna had in the September to December 2016 quarter bought stock in Loyal Textiles, Mannapuram Finance and Panama Petrochem. Are these stocks going to become multibaggers?

Why Dolly Khanna bought Panama Petrochem

Panama Petrochem Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of petroleum specialty products and has consistently provided quality services since 1975. Panama Petrochem Ltd has four manufacturing units in India namely in Ankleshwar (Gujarat), Daman (Union Territory), Dahej (Gujarat, SEZ) and Taloja (Dist. Raigadh) having infrastructure, with state-of-the-art technology and storing capacities. Panama Petrochem is also listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE).


Panama Petrochem Ltd, has four manufacturing units in India with a state of art technology and facilities located at Ankleshwar(Gujarat), Daman(Union Territory), Daman(Gujarat) and Taloja (Dist. Raigadh).

The plant at Dahej is a fully computerised plant built on DCS/PLC systems to meet international quality and manufacturing standards. Ankleshwar plant has a fully equipped and DSIR approved R&D centre.

Panama Petrochem Ltd, also has unfolded its range of manufacturing facilities through establishment of Panol Industries RMC, FZE a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company situated at Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. The company caters to the GCC and MENA regions and enjoys logistic advantage as it is situated on the port and has direct dedicated pipeline arrangements.


By exploring international markets, Panama Petrochem Ltd. continuously aims to bring about a rise in the exports. Petroleum Jelly, Liquid Paraffin, Transformer Oil, Rubber Process Oil and variety of other products are exported to different countries like USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, Australia, African Sub-continent and South East Asia etc.

Why Dolly Khanna bought Loyal Textiles?

Loyal Textiles, one of the largest manufacturers of yarn, fabrics, garments, home textiles and organic products in India. ISO 9002:2008 certified, with an annual turnover to the tune of Rs.1,500 Cr (US$ 225 Million), with exports to almost every continent, and many firsts in the textile domain to its credit, Loyal Textiles is today widely recognized as a leader in its league. From modest beginnings in 1956 as a spinning and weaving mill, Loyal Textiles has evolved with the times to occupy a leadership position today. Even as the group continues to grow from strength to strength, Loyal textiles continues to be guided by an unwavering commitment to be of value to everyone: stakeholders, customers, employees and society at large.

Why Dolly Khanna bought Manappuram Finance

Manappuram Finance Ltd (BSE: 531213) or MAFIL is a non-banking financial company (NBFCs) situated in Valapad, Thrissur, Kerala state. Manappuram has over 3200+ branches across 25 states, a staff strength of over 15,000+ people.

The company was founded in 1949 by late V.C.Padmanabhan in Thrissur District. The company commenced its operations at Valapad, mainly with money lending activity on a very modest scale. The group’s flagship company, MAGFIL, was established in 1992 in the wake of economic reforms launched by the Government of India. Manappuram’s origins go back to 1949 when it was founded in Valapad (a coastal village in the Thrissur District of Kerala) by the late V.C. Padmanabhan, father of Nandakumar. Its activity was mainly pawn broking and money lending carried out on a modest scale.

Soon after it commenced its operations, Manappuram Finance Limited gathered several “firsts” to its credit. The company was the First NBFC in Kerala to receive a Certificate of Registration issued by the RBI. It was the first Kerala based NBFC to get a Credit Rating in 1995 of “MA” (current rating MA+) from ICRA, recognising the company’s ability to make timely repayments of the principal and interest under its then existing public deposits programme. Manappuram Finance was one of the very first NBFCs from Kerala to go for a Public Issue of its shares in 1995. In fact, the company has been consistently making profits and consistently paying dividends from the very first full year of operations.

The company was also the first NBFC from Kerala to issue bonus shares in the ratio of 1:1 in 2007 and then, repeat the feat twice, in 2010 and in 2011 (making it three such instances in five years). Moreover, in 2007, Manappuram Finance Ltd became the first Kerala based NBFC to receive foreign Investment from FIIs, and also get the highest short term credit rating of A1+ from ICRA. In 2010, it became the very first Kerala-based company to offer ESOPs (Employee Stock Option Plan) to its middle and senior management functionaries. In April 2011, it became only the second listed company from Kerala to have its shares traded in the “A-Group” at the Bombay stock exchange.

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