Sonia Shenoy CNBC-TV18 Factsheet, Wiki, Photos, Husband, Age, Salary, Wedding Pictures

Sonia Shenoy is one of CNBC-TV18 Anchors.

She was born on 24th June 1987. She completed her graduation in Finance and Economics from the prestigious Narsee Monjee College of Commerce, Mumbai.

She has such good looks and a pleasant personality that she wanted to become a model or a film star. However, she joined business journalism due to her extroverted nature and deep interest in financial matters.

Sonia Shenoy started her career in the year 2007 as a business journalist with Thomson Reuters. She also worked as an equity analyst with them.

Sonia’s big break came when CNBC-TV18 offered her the job of a TV anchor. She grabbed the offer because it gave her the chance to come on TV and play out a role.

Sonia works as the Financial Markets Anchor & Research Analyst with CNBC-TV18 ( She co-anchors a number of prime-time market shows like Bazaar Morning Call and NSE Closing Bell. She also handles corporate research of sectors like Real estate, Automobiles and Aviation.

She also co-anchors a programme called “Taking stock” which is a weekend stock market show. In the programme Sonia rounds-up the week’s trading action. She also chats with leading stock market experts to discuss what factors will move the market in the coming week.

Sonia Shenoy is very popular amongst the viewers of CNBC-TV18 owing to her beautiful looks and effervescent personality. She has a charming manner of speaking. She is also very friendly in her attitude and has no airs.

Sonia Shenoy’s husband:

A lot of people are curious to know whether Sonia Shenoy is married and if so who is the lucky guy.

The answer is that the name of Sonia Shenoy ’s husband is Karan Soorma. The marriage took place on 25th November 2012.


Karan Soorma

Karan Soorma Husband of Sonia Shenoy

Karan Soorma is a director at Cineyug, an entertainment company. He heads the core business handling signature event properties and Indian concerts staged across the globe. He is responsible for developing new business and formulating company strategy.

Karan is a football fan. His favourite team is Arsenal.

Wedding pictures and videos of Sonia Shenoy and Karan Soorma

The wedding pictures of the lovely couple were shot by Richa Kashelkar, an accomplished photographer. Richa Kashlekar has done a very professional job and captured the chemistry between the lovely couple.

Sonia Shenoy wedding pictures

Salary, Net Worth

Sonia Shenoy’s salary is not known. However, the general levels of salaries paid by CNBC-TV18 to the producers and anchors ranges from Rs. 25 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs. It is estimated that Sonia’s salary may be in that range. As Sonia is young and has just started her career, her net worth can be pegged at about Rs. 1 crore.

Baby Kabir

Sonia Shenoy delivered a baby boy on 23rd June 2017. The baby is named Kabir.

Sonia Shenoy Husband Baby
(Karan Soorma with baby Kabir)

After a long absence for maternity leave (during which she visited Maldives with family), Sonia resumed work on 30th November 2017.

Sonia Shenoy CNBCTV18
(Sonia gets a warm welcome on resuming work)

Update: 15th September 2018

Sonia Shenoy announced that she has completed ten years at CNBC TV18. She was congratulated by her colleagues Varinder Bansal, Anuj Singhal and Nigel D’Souza and also countless fans.

Email address and contact information

Sonia Shenoy can be contacted at the office address of CNBC-TV18 which is as follows:

First Floor,
Empire Complex, 414
Senapati Bapat Marg,
Lower Parel, Mumbai-400013, Maharashtra
+91 22 4001 9000
+91 22 2496 8238

Her email address is

Top 16 Small-Cap and Mid-Cap Stock Picks For 2016!

Sonia Shenoy co-anchored a TV show on CNBC-TV18 in which she asked leading stock market experts, Porinju Veliyath, S. P. Tulsian, Ambareesh Baliga and Prakash Diwan for stock recommendations.

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  1. Whenever I scroll the channel in the morning and see Sonia on CNBC, I just stop scrolling, no doubt she is adorable but the way she pass the information with her pleasant voice and charming gesture, sorry but I feel like I fell in love when she start speaking.

  2. Thanks for an excellent coverage about Sonia Shenoy. I am a great fan of her effervescent and cheerful personality. She does brighten the day especially when the stock markets are down and there are losses galore.

  3. Looks, I dont want to comment, hardly matters. Regarding matter she is just a chatter box, knows nothing.

  4. Today Sonia shenoy was not anchoring , while her co anchor said she had stepped out, had sonia shenoy left CNBCtv18.

  5. Has Sonia Shenoy left CNBC TV18 for good. She is not seen with Latha in the morning show. It is close to two(2) months.

    1. Sonia Shenoy delivered a baby on 23rd June 2017. She is presently on maternity leave and will be resuming office in a couple of weeks time.

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